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Join the first 500 Artists & Creatives who use Live Your Art to liberate their creative expression & go pro.

Break Free from Creative BLOCKS & UNLEASH YOUR INNER ARTIST...

Without Losing Your Passion or Burning Out!

Download our FREE Unchained Artist Starter Guide to discover how you can live a vibrant, abundant and creatively fulfilling life, starting today!

FREE Unchained Artist Workbook

Your Guide to Creative Liberation.

Crafted with care, this workbook is your compass to navigate the creative journey.

Packed with insights and strategies, it's designed to help you break free from doubt, embrace your unique voice, and truly shine.

All created to help you:

  • Gain razor-sharp clarity on your current creative footing and any looming roadblocks.
  • Turn those big, daunting artistic aspirations into manageable, bite-sized daily actions.
  • ​Discover in a systematic approach crafted to catapult you toward your creative dreams.
  • ​Rekindle and refine your deepest creative yearnings.
  • ​Know you're not alone; lean on our support, guidance, and tailored resources every step of the way.

What others are saying about
the Unchained Artist Process:

Laura gained the creative confidence to actualize her dream of writing her first book!

Victor turned his passion for Videography into his full-time career in just months!

"The Catalyst to Help me Discover the Value I had Within Myself."

Theo was the catalyst to help me discover the creative value I had within myself. Finding this sense of value helped me start using my unique voice authentically and unapologetically.

Multidisciplinary Artist

"I'm more authentic and unapologetic about what I have to say."

Theo helped me break out of this 'good girl' mentality I had - he showed me that 'breaking the rules' can lead to explosions of inspiration and creative potential.

He's taught me that I don't have to be perfect all the time. With Theo's guidance, I got even more curious as to who I really was underneath all of the people I've been pretending to be.

He helped me step into my own expression and it's coming out in my art more and more everyday - I'm more authentic and unapologetic about what I have to say.

Yoga Instructor, Writer, Wellness Coach

"Immediately after the Unchained Artist program, I asked for a higher price for my work than I had previously."

I’d been hammering away at my art on and off for years with intermittent success; not really investing in my own self worth.

Immediately after the Unchained Artist program, I asked for a higher price for my work than I had previously. I’d always emphasized the time I’d put into it ( which does and should factor in) but had yet to underscore; there is only one of this, one of me. This has value.

Collage Artist


  • Dive into a comprehensive self-assessment to pinpoint exactly where you're at on your artistic journey.
  • Engage in a deep un-blocking exercise tailored to help you blast through barriers.
  • Create a step-by-step action plan, turning your massive artistic dreams into actionable daily strides.
  • ​Immerse yourself in a transformative exploration of your personal creative aspirations, habits, and hurdles.
  • ​Get exclusive access to a treasure trove of free resources curated just for someone as creative as you!
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Theo Zgraggen, a Toronto-based multimedia artist and founder of Live Your Art, has turned his passion into a thriving career without sacrificing his authenticity.

With years of firsthand experience, Theo now empowers fellow artists to break free from constraints, guiding them towards their own artistic and financial freedom.

  • ​Full-Time Multidisciplinary Artist: I've transformed my artistic passion into a profitable journey, defying societal norms and judgments.
  • Founder of Live Your ArtThrough years of experience, I've successfully guided hundreds of creatives from various fields, turning their artistic visions into tangible success stories.
  • Catalyst for Creative Growth: Grab the Unchained Artist Workbook now, and instantly access strategies to elevate your artistic journey, blending passion with profitability.
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Your Creative Journey Awaits!

Gear up, artist! This workbook is your map, your guide, your best friend on the epic quest to bring your artistic vision to life.

Let's make magic together! 🌟

It's Time to Unchain Your Inner Artist.

Break FREE from Your Creative Blocks With our FREE Unchained Artist Workbook.

Download our FREE Unchained Artist Workbook to discover how you can live a vibrant, abundant and creatively fulfilling life, starting today!

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